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Updated Windows Store app

We have just published a new version of Windows Store app that includes features you’ve been asking for:

  • Identities can now be created, changed and deleted from the app
  • Changed identity card popup and optimized interface for touch
  • Account activity history is now available from the app without a need to use web interface
Windows App HomePage

Windows Store App Identity Properties

Windows Store App Account Page

Windows Store App Activity

Download today from Microsoft Store.

Let us know what you think on the feedback page.

New NuGet Packages

Hi developer community!

We’ve put together some treats for you:

  1. Public My ID HUB API client has finally arrived. A lot of thinking and designing went into this piece of software. You can get it via NuGet package and start using today.
  2. On top of that we want to publish our private library used to read MaxMind GeoIP databases. It is available via NuGet package as well. If you haven’t heard of MaxMind – please check them out. They got a few treats of their own for you as well.

We would love to hear from you. Please drop us a line with feedback if you like or don’t like the packages.

Windows Store and Windows Phone Apps Released

Today is a great day to be My ID HUB customer! We are pleased to announce release of two applications at the same time – Windows Store and Windows Phone!

These are preview releases thus their functionality is limited. They provide convenient read-only access to your data stored inside My ID HUB service from your tablet or phone running Microsoft software. They do not support modification of data yet but rest assured this is a temporary inconvenience.

Here are some of the screenshots from Windows Store app:

My ID HUB Windows Store App Login Page

My ID HUB Windows Store App

Similar screenshots for Windows Phone app:

My ID HUB Windows Phone App Login Page   My ID HUB Windows Phone Home Page

Windows Store application can be downloaded here.

Windows Phone application is available here.

New Icons Are Under Way

In the spirit of constant improvement we strive to make My ID HUB interface look appealing. We’ve revamped entire set of icons and are putting final touches to make sure everything fits together naturally. Here are some of our favorite icons:

Close Account Icon                          Authentication Icon                               Action Apply

Hope you are as excited about this refresh as we are!

We’ve added service telemetry

In the last few weeks we’ve been working to gain insights into technical aspects of My ID HUB services operation. We have instrumented the web site to measure responsiveness and reliability. This is huge step towards continuous improvement based on real user telemetry. No internal lab testing can provide as much information as our customers who use this service every day. Thank you for using this service and in return we promise to keep pushing the quality up.

Hello World!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After long development and thorough testing My ID HUB service was unveiled to the public a few days ago on October 27 2014. This is a solid product ready for prime time. It is packed with features and the best part they are all FREE. There will be more information shared in coming days and weeks as the service continues to evolve and grow.

It is great to be here! Let’s get to know each other.