Google Chrome Extension (Preview)

Today we are announcing a preview of Google Chrome Extension for My ID HUB service. This little tool helps you login into My ID HUB web site without typing your password. How cool is that?

Web Site Auto-Login

Web Site Auto-Login

When you click “Open Dashboard” button you go straight to your identity list.

Currently extension is in preview (version 0.5) and has limited functionality. You may expect this extension to support form fills or password generation but it doesn’t, yet. Extension does sync all your identities locally but it doesn’t make any use of them. This is something we’re working to cover in near future and are kindly asking for your patience.

Please download it from Google Chrome Web Store right now and let us know what you think.

Oh, and did you notice your web site login time has improved significantly? There is a reason for that too. We switched to native cryptography implementation that is much more performant. We plan on bumping parameters of key generator profiles as well to strengthen security of your account.